New Study Reveals That ADHD Drugs Can Result In Psychosis

New Study Reveals That ADHD Drugs Can Result In Psychosis


A new study has come up regarding the effects, which medication has on all those who suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It has suggested that teens and people of the younger generation might face an increase in the risk of psychosis due to certain drugs. The researchers at McLean Hospital and those at Harvard Medical School have looked into the teens and young people, who had recently started to take two classes of drugs. Those were Amphetamines and Methylphenidates, mainly used for treating the problem of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Psychosis refers to a condition that tends to affect the mind and even results in a person losing contact with reality. The study went on to show that, while the possibility of developing this particular condition is on the lower side but still there is an increase in the risk of developing the disorder among those patients, who take up amphetamines. The lead author of the paper, Dr. Lauren V. Moran said that the findings happen to be lot more of concern. This is due to the fact that the use of amphetamines among adolescents as well as on young adults has become three times in recent few years.

Moran further said that not a lot of research has taken place in order to compare the safety profiles of amphetamines and methylphenidate. The study had received funding from the National Institutes of Health. The study even showed that the psychosis had started to develop on those people, who began to take up amphetamines. Dr. Lauren V. Moran had put stress on the fact that people who have been taking a drug like Adderall for quite some time and managed to tolerate it well are not inclined to experience this problem.

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