The Clippy From Microsoft Revived and Got Killed In a Day

The Clippy From Microsoft Revived and Got Killed In a Day


In Microsoft Teams, the dream of the 1990s had become alive and quite vibrant as and when Clippy, the old office assistant managed to show up. Clippy was an animated paperclip, which had popped up and went over to offer tips for using the particular software. In the year 2001, Microsoft went on to do away with Clippy. Hence, people had become quite surprised to see the stickers of Clippy appearing in Microsoft Teams in the current week. They had become even more surprised when, a little bit later, Microsoft made it go off.

As per reports on Tuesday, Clippy made its appearance once again. It appeared as an animated pack of stickers for Microsoft Teams. Still, they all had disappeared on the very next day itself. Clippy managed to be around sufficiently long enough to make a rally for the old fans. Presently, there is a petition going around from the users for bringing Clippy back once again. The stickers happened to be totally harmless. It was quite harmless to turn out to a little bit of fun inside joke for all those who remember Clippy. Still, it looks as if the broader branding side of the organization was not really pleased.

In the year 2001, the Microsoft called Clippy as the small paperclip having the soulful eyes along with the Groucho eyebrows. The company managed to describe the paperclip as some kind of an electric ham, who had very politely looked to offer certain hints for using Microsoft Office. Just like any kind of popup can offer certain unsolicited content, similarly, Clippy could also be one such nuisance. It seems as if Microsoft wanted to suppress memories of their misguided office assistant but still, it could well be quite late for that as well.

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