Reconsider the Risk Due To the Enhancement of Imaging Tests from Drugs

Reconsider the Risk Due To the Enhancement of Imaging Tests from Drugs


There is a drug that gets used on a wide scale but in reality, it is not at all a drug in the true sense of the term. Physicians have called this drug as contrast, which is the shorter form for the contrast agent. Contrast agents are basically chemical compounds, which doctors make use of to improve the quality of imaging tests like CT scans. In the emergency rooms, contrast is given in an intravenous manner at the time of CT scans. Around 80 million CT scans get performed all around the year in America, most of which gets done with contrast.

Majority of the contrast agents, which get used, contain iodine. They can block X-rays. This particular effect tends to cause parts of an image to light up, which in turn enhances the ability of the doctors to detect problems quite significantly.  The problems include tumors, different types of infections as well as blood clots. It does not make patients feel better or even treat the problem that causes trouble for them. Still, they could be extremely crucial to help the doctor make the proper diagnosis.

A kidney specialist at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Michael Rudnick said that there is a possibility for this contrast to be harmful and hence, a committee of ethics are unlikely to approve of a trial like this. The lead author of the Michigan study conducted back in the year 2013, Matthew Davenport, does not agree with Dr. Rudnick that there might still be a real danger for the patients with the highest risks. He agreed with the recommendations of the American College of Radiology that the main decision to use contrast among patients with the renal disease that already exists, must remain as a clinical decision from the individuals.

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