Access of Kids to Sugary Drinks Must Be Taxed and Regulated

Access of Kids to Sugary Drinks Must Be Taxed and Regulated


For a very long time, groups of physicians have taken a stand. This is with regard to the high consumption of sugary drinks in America. Now, they have called for different policies to be in place for limiting the access of children towards sugary beverages. On Monday, The American Heart Association and The American Academy of Paediatrics released policy recommendations. The recommendations were to encourage them for implementing policies to help reduce the intake of sugar-coated drinks among children.

This policy statement is the first time that the American Academy of Paediatrics has recommended that taxes should be imposed on sugary drinks. Lead author of the policy statement is Dr. Natalie Muth. She said that she always puts stress about the harmful effects of sugary drinks on health. She even informs the patients and their families about it. She emphasizes on the benefits, which people can enjoy by having water and milk. Dr. Natalie further said that they all have tried their best. Still, they have not succeeded in curbing the intake of sugar-coated drinks. They tried through imparting proper education. Thus, she feels that there is a need for policy changes. She said that changes in policy were required to limit the consumption of tobacco and alcohol. Similar changes should be implemented to help children reduce the consumption of sugary drinks.

The new policy statement from the American Academy of Paediatrics and the American Heart Association suggests making either milk or water default beverages. Then, getting them served on the children’s menus were part of the recommendations. This also comes up after a separate study on the subject was conducted. It had found out a positive link between consuming sugary drinks on a long-term basis and premature deaths for adults in America.

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