Google Has Mars on Earth

Google Has Mars on Earth


If anyone wanted to know exactly what it is like to live on Mars, now it is quite possible by staying on Earth. The search engine giant, Google will take people for free. Google Street View has managed to add pictures of Devon Island. It is the largest uninhabited island on the planet. This is regarded as an unlivable island as the area in the Canadian Arctic is quite desolate. Thus, it has got the nickname, Mars on Earth. Moreover, the climate and the landscape over there happen to be the environments closest to Mars on Earth.

Google has even created a website for Devon Island. They have even noted the fact that the climate of the polar desert and barren, rocky terrain are absolutely perfect for all those researchers who come over to the place every summer. The giant in the field of technology, Google has worked researchers who happen to be part of the Haughton Mars Project. The project takes a look at different kinds of technologies, strategies along with training methods for carrying out missions to Mars as well as to the Moon and all other planetary bodies in the future. One thing that has created a lot of interest is the Haughton crater, which happens to be 23-million-year-old. It bears the similarity with the Mars surface in a number of ways than any other place on Earth.

Apart from the images, which have got added to Google Street View, the organization has uploaded a video on YouTube. This is done to provide a better idea to the viewers, regarding what terrain and the topography look like. Of course, the long-term goal of NASA is to send a mission involving human beings to Mars in the 2030s, though 2040 seems to be much more realistic.

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