Google Cloud Partners With Open Source Firms To Take On Amazon

Google Cloud Partners With Open Source Firms To Take On Amazon


During a press meeting, Thomas Kurian said that in upcoming future Google will provide service to companies who deal in open-source software. Mr. Kurian further said that this endeavor of the company will provide excellent service to its customers and will ultimately increase its revenue.

Back in November 2018, Mr. Thomas Kurian became the CEO of Google cloud and at present, the company is about to become a partner with MongoDB as well as Elastic. Both the companies have increased their business through commercialization of open-source products. In March 2019, the stock of Elastic felt a staggering downfall after web service was introduced by Amazon.

At present, Google has planned to provide impeccable customer support and consolidation in the billing process after joining hands with MongoDB and Elastic. Influx data is another company which is planning for the database commercialization. While speaking to the reporters, Paul Dix said that companies which provide cloud services are similar to vampires. He further stated that these companies take open source-code but do not provide any contribution to various public projects.

Paul Dix has favored the decision of Google; he has co-founded Influx data and is holding the position of chief technological officer. Through his social media account, Mr. Dix wrote that Google is capable of running various open-source platforms. He further praises Google on its success for digital container management through the Kubernetes project.

Last year Google had reported that it is making $1 billion through the help of cloud business on a quarterly basis. Contrary to this, the AWS service of Amazon had made a total of $5.11 billion last year. Microsoft is second in position followed by Google.

At present Microsoft is believed as the best option for providing open source services to companies. During a press meet, James Governor praised Google for a similar endeavor and wished them luck for the future.

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